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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The News Is Getting More Social

People would rather converse than be told, so journalism is opening up. By Steve Anderson, Today, “…three basic ingredients necessary for engaging participatory journalism:
1. Good Facilitation (skilled, respected, knowledgeable)
2. Value (informative/relevant content)
3. Openness (provides access via various points of entry)
Keep it simple
Participatory journalism need not be complicated; sometimes it's just a matter of incorporating the conversation that is already happening online. For example, when I was asked to go on the Dave Brindle show to talk about the use of Twitter in the uprising in Iran, I sent a message to my Facebook and Twitter networks asking for input. The input I received helped inform my comments on the show -- but more importantly, David Brindle took note of the discussion and used the comments as conversation points during the interview. Thus we had radio journalism that was crowd-sourced and integrated into a broader discussion that was happening online.”